Residency Program for Graduate Nurses

Program highlights:
Northeast Georgia Health System recognizes the transition from nursing student to professional nurse can be challenging. The Nurse Residency Program is dedicated to helping graduate nurses acclimate to their new careers. The program is the gateway for newly graduated nurses to start working at Northeast Georgia Health System.

In order to allow graduate nurses the opportunity to focus on the areas of care that most closely match their interests and career goals, our Nurse Residency Program offers track options in the following areas:

  • Adult Acute Care
  • Critical Care
  • Progressive Care
  • Emergency Nursing
  • Women and Children

Our Nurse Residents are paired with a Nurse Educator who will serve as a mentor to the Nurse Resident during the year-long residency. Through bi-weekly meetings with each Nurse Resident, the mentor will closely monitor the progress of orientation and offer guidance as needed.

A Clinical Preceptor will be paired with the Nurse Resident to manage the clinical aspects of Unit based orientation as well as engage the Nurse Residents into the social atmosphere of the unit.

Nurse Managers provide support by meeting weekly with each Nurse Resident. These meetings will provide an opportunity for the Nurse Resident to share details of his/her experiences in the department, ensure objectives are being met and to celebrate milestones as they are achieved.

In addition to the support provided by the Nurse Educator, Nurse Managers and Clinical Preceptors, one of the most important components of the Nurse Residency Program is the workshop series. During the first half of the residency Nurse Residents will attend  bi- weekly seminars that supports the Nurse Resident in the development of complex skills such as effective delegation and nurse-to-physician communication.

The workshops also provide an opportunity to practice technical skills that support unit based orientation.

Frequently Asked Questions